I'm closing this website by the end of August, so if you see anything you like, wget the whole site.

You can find me at brettlindler.xyz from now on.


Also Known as Brett's Blog

On this blog, I'll post whatever I feel like. Some of my favorite topics include technology, freedom, social issues, philosophy, religion, and homesteading. All articles pre-October 2021 use the pseudonym Bargo, but I have decided to do away with that in the interest of broadening topics for this mediocre blog. Happy reading!


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My name is Brett. I live in the southeastern USA doing what I can to become more self-sustaining. I fix computers, teach piano, play organ, and raise chickens. I plan to get enough money to move out on my own as cheaply as possible, and raise even more farm animals like turkies, goats, and maybe even cows one day. I only work for myself despite earning a Bachelor's in Music; I'd rather be poor than be an employee (Just my opinion, I don't say this to judge anyone else).

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