No. 2

Prelude “No. 2”, I think, is what its supposed to be called. Who knows. I wrote this deranged piece in either 2018 or 2019 while I was still studying piano at Furman. I call it deranged because it is both gorgeous at some times and completely horrifying at others with shocking dissonances and a nagging obsession with major 7ths. I still suffer from the latter to this very day.

I can only provide a PDF I scanned from an old physical copy, because the digital copies are long gone. Sorry, no recording or midi either, but I’ll make a real recording at some point and throw it up here.

If you’d like to play it, the giant RH clusters are to be played with the forearm to your best approximation. The LH cluster should be played by turning the hand parallel to the fallboard and smashing all of the keys at once. Also, don’t overthink the wild time signatures; just count by the eighth notes and you’ll be fine.

No. 2 PDF Only