Prelude No. 3

It has been probably 3 or 4 years since I wrote a totally original piece, but now I have brought into being another prelude more palatable than No. 2 but more mature than No. 1.

I wrote it entirely in a stream-of-consciousness style not following any particular rules or having any musical goals to achieve; there’s not even much of a formal structure to it; at best, it is barely ternary. The whole piece is made up of only two real melodies while the rest is merely supportive harmony. My obsessive addiction to major 7ths, minor and major 2nds, as well as 3-4 note clusters has never been clearer.

Don’t let the key signature scare you away, it really isn’t that difficult. Also, it should be played very slowly, about 48 BPM, in order for the listener to absorb the rich harmonies. The melody is often in the alto and tenor voices so it is very important to emphasize it despite being encased by the thick bass 5ths and accompanying soprano.

In case licensing concerns you, I have licensed this work under the Free Art License, which is the GPL of the art world. It is copyleft so you are free to do just about anything with it other than stripping my name from it.

Prelude No. 3 PDF

Prelude No. 3 MIDI in MP3