Bargain Bin Philosophy

At the request of an interested reader, Bargain Bin Philosophy lives again nestled inside I won’t add anything to it; you should consider the new site a continuation of the old albeit more sober than the old.

There are many reasons why I abandoned it, but after a short review of some of my old work, it isn’t so bad, though I don’t like the tone of the old stuff; its just too aggressive.

I absolutely disagree with my old opinions on diet. Keto/Carnivore can work but I doubt they work because they are low carb. Between articles on Jacob’s site and The Weston A. Price Foundation’s site, I think it is more about traditional foods not made in factories. Ignore my nutrition stuff and seek people that actually know what they are talking about like those above.

The article on obedience is absolute trash. I’m not putting it up out of personal shame and embarrassment.

Also, don’t use any of the old contact stuff. Its all gone.

Anyway, here it is.

Bargain Bin Philosophy